About Dittobug Wedding Invitations

How Dittobug learned to spread it's wings and fly.

A Bug was Born

Dittobug Wedding Invitations is a small family-owned business dedicated in providing quality and custom wedding invitations. What started out as a hobby providing southern Utah wedding invitations, became an actual corporation in 2010 and started providing wedding invitations nationwide.  The Dittobug team has years of experience in the design and printing industry. Since we are a small company with lots of experience, we are able to give our customers quality designs at affordable prices for their wedding invitations. Dittobug is located in Southern Utah, near Cedar City.

What is a Dittobug?

Ditto = Perfect Match

Bug = Excitement / Something that spreads (i.e. catch the ‘love bug’)

Dittobug = The excitement to spread the news when you’ve found your perfect match.

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